Welcome To Our Sub-dealership

We are inviting entrepreneurs to be part of Evra Energy India Pvt. Ltd. electric vehicle Sub-dealership network and be the drivers of change in the Indian automotive industry. Join the future Year 2022 mark a new era in Indian Automotive Industry where the electric vehicle will acquire the majority market share creating exceptional opportunities for existing and new business owners. Seize the opportunity by taking electric scooter & Bike Sub-dealership.

" आपका भरोसा, हमारा प्रयोग.! "


We believe a healthy relationship is built by understanding your business needs, through a continuous dialogue on what matters the most for you.

Evra Energy India Pvt Ltd is India's fastest growing Electric Two-Wheeler Company and offers Dealership/SubDealership through its array of 5 Low-speed models 2 high speed models of Electric Vehicles. It is an ideal forum for Customer and Sub-dealer to interact and conduct business smoothly and effectively. Currently we have over 175+ dealers and sub-dealer and 10 LAC Plus buyers and a considerable number of new buyers join every day.


Company will pay interest on the security amount as per interest of National Bank of India.

Best Attractive Margin on Low-Speed EV.

Best Attractive margin on high-speed bike.

10%-35% margin on spare part and accessories

Free freight on product replacement.

The Credit Limit will be 15 days. If payment is not made within 15 days, interest of 24% PA will be charged.

Become Our Proud Business Partner!!