Evra Energy India Private Limited designs, develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of two-wheeler electric vehicles. The Company's dealerships or sub-dealerships handle the brand: Evra.

This Application Form is for a dealership OR sub-dealership in India only. This Application Form is not an offer document or contract.


  • This Application Form Has 5 Numbered Pages. The Applicant Is Advised To Carefully Read The Entire Form.

  • an existing entity proposing to operate the dealership or sub-dealership (Applicant), or

  • if a new entity is proposed to be set up to operate the dealership, the application should be made by the new entity (Applicant) which shall provide all of the funding.

  • This Application Form has 7 sections. All sections must be filled by the Applicant. Information that does not fit into space provided in the Application Form should be attached in a numbered Enclosure, with all such Enclosures filed with the Application Form. All Enclosures should be referenced from this Application Form.

  • All financial statements (if any) provided with the Application Form must be audited statements, complete with all schedules, notes forming part of accounts and the auditor's report.

  • Applicant to ensure that the Application is signed on pages 3 and 5 and on any copies of the same.

  • The filled in and signed copy of the Application Form and Enclosures, should be sent by mail and courier to:

  • No payment is to be made with the Application.

  • Incomplete Application Forms will not be accepted for processing.

  • On receipt, if the Application is complete, the Applicant will receive an accounts acknowledgement from Evra Energy India Private Limited with a Number. Applicant to quote the number in all future correspondence.

  • The information provided by the Applicant is intended only for the Company's use.

  • By sending the filled Application Form, the Applicant is inviting Evra Energy India Private Limited to consider its application for an electric two-wheeler vehicle Dealership or sub-dealership. The Company does not assure the Applicant of being selected for such dealership or sub-dealership.

  • Any information furnished in the Application is voluntarily provided as the Applicant submits the Application on his own initiative. Evra Energy India Private Limited reserves the right to reject this Application without assigning any reason.

  • Should Evra Energy India Private Limited find the Application of interest, the Applicant may be invited for discussions and additional disclosures, including due-diligences.

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