Shipping Policy

At Evra Energy India Private, we strive to ensure a seamless and efficient delivery process for our valued customers and authorized partners. Our shipping policy is designed to provide clarity and transparency regarding the delivery timelines and procedures for all products purchased through our authorized partners.

Delivery Policy:

  • Authorized Partners:

    We deliver products exclusively to our authorized partners, including C&F Agents, Super Stockists, Dealers, and Sub-dealers.

  • Order Confirmation:

    Upon receiving the purchase order from our authorized partners, the delivery process initiates.

  • Delivery Timeline:

    Minimum Timeframe: Products will be delivered within a minimum of 20 days from the date of confirmation of the purchase order.

    Maximum Timeframe: Delivery will be completed within a maximum of 45 days from the date of confirmation of the purchase order.

  • Shipping Updates:

    Throughout the shipping process, we aim to keep our authorized partners informed about the status of their orders, providing regular updates until delivery is complete.

  • Delivery Responsibility:

    Once the products are handed over to the shipping carrier, the responsibility for delivery lies with them. However, we remain committed to providing assistance and support in case of any delivery-related concerns.

  • Delay Notification:

    In the rare event of unexpected delays beyond the stipulated timeframe, we will promptly notify our authorized partners and work diligently to resolve the issue at the earliest.

  • Shipping Charges:

    Shipping charges, if applicable, will be communicated and agreed upon in the terms established between Evra Energy India Private Limited and the authorized partners.

Contact Information:

For any inquiries or assistance regarding shipping and delivery, please contact our customer support team at or +91-9795955955.

Note: This shipping policy applies specifically to deliveries made through our authorized partners.

Evra Energy India Private Limited reserves the right to modify or update this shipping policy as needed without prior notice. Any revisions will be effective upon posting on our website.

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